Feng Shui First Edition Games at a Glance

  • Wage a secret war throughout time in this game of pulse-pounding martial arts combat. Punch, shoot, and magic your way through hordes of interesting opponents.
  • Prepare for a session of fast-paced fun in this game of nonstop cinematic action and heroic moments.
  • A simple system with plenty of supplementary support allows you to tailor the crunch level to your liking.
One of the best games I've ever owned and played. It's martial arts/action movie adventure at its finest, with an easy but fast flowing game system, great character archetypes that get you into the action, and a setting with tons of options. – Nathanhill, rating, RPG.net

Action Movie Roleplaying: The World of Feng Shui First Edition

Feng Shui is the game that has kicked the ass of every other kickass RPG about Hong Kong action movies. Take on Chinese demons, machine-gunning thugs, and mechanized apes in this high-speed action riot.

Travel through time to powerful chi nodes to fight the Secret War. Battle for control of them against a legion of fearsome foes using your potent kung fu skills, your ancient magics, your pirated supertech, or your old-fashioned trigger finger. Battle sinister magicians of the past, secretive organizations of the present, and the twisted scientists of the future.

Brought to you by award-winning designer Robin D. Laws, Feng Shui was originally published by Daedalus Entertainment in 1996. Atlas Games released a first edition line starting in 1999. For information on the current edition of Feng Shui, click here.

Behind the Scenes: The Feng Shui First Edition Product Line