In Your Face Again

A Feng Shui scenario collection

In Your Face Again at a Glance

  • Keep a collection of plots in your back pocket for gaming at a moment's notice with these ten scenarios for Feng Shui first edition.
  • A wide variety of locations, difficulties, and opponents makes it easy to find something that will suit your needs.
  • Creative plot elements take your Feng Shui games to new and interesting places. (And yes, there are new things to fight there too!)

Months of Feng Shui Entertainment: More about In Your Face Again

Battle with your fists of justice throughout the time stream with this collection of scenarios for Feng Shui first edition. The stories within span the open junctures and the corners of the Netherworld. Whether you're looking for the perfect plot to introduce a friend to the game or something new to throw at your experienced group, you'll find it here.

Take the stress out of storytelling with this collection of ten interesting plots by a group of creative authors. Inside, you'll find a case of missing identity, the wrong bag of videotapes, blood and circuses, an underground fighting circuit, a crotchety ice cream vendor who happens to be a kung fu master…and more.

In Your Face Again is out of print. It requires Feng Shui first edition to play.

In Your Face Again: Contents

  • Fast Forward by Darrin Bright
  • Blood and Sand by Tom McGrenery
  • Invincible Chi by Anthony Botz
  • Last Stand at Old Man Fong's by Mike Mearls
  • The Lost City of An-Makalur by Tom McGrenery
  • Fight Night by David Eber
  • Crossfire by Mark Kinney
  • Hong Kong Phonebook by Loki Carbis
  • E Ticket Ride by Jim Crocker
  • Murderer's Row by Alex Knapik

Vital Stats

Editor: Jeff Tidball
Cover Artist: David White
MSRP: $19.95 (softcover, out of print), $14.95 (PDF)
Atlas Stock #: AG4006
Barcode: 1-887801-97-9
Format: 128 pages, 8.5” x 11”, perfect bound
Release Date: 2001