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The Rough and the Smooth

The Rough and the Smooth at a Glance

  • An unputdownable fantasy novel by award-winning game designer Robin D. Laws.
  • Read for enjoyment, or use this fantasy story of complex political schemes to fuel your next campaign.
  • Features a unique main character for readers to enjoy.

Political Schemes: About The Rough and the Smooth

Daring heroics don't comes easily to a weak, arthritic mole rat. Luckily, Drolen is blessed — or some might say cursed — with an unerring instinct for human politics. Drolen is called to the city of Orem to groom young Nua for the throne left open by her father's untimely death. But his last protégé, the deposed mole rat king, may destroy the city first.

The Rough and the Smooth is a novel by award-winning game designer Robin D. Laws, of Feng Shui, The Dying Earth, and Heroquest fame.

The book is available in PDF. Although it is out of print, a limited number of print copies are still available.


"As the arrows rained ineffectually around him and around the King he had helped both to enthrone and to depose, Drolen was grateful that his people had poor eyesight and were therefore terrible with missile weapons. He had of course constructed his plans around this essential fact.

Ahead, behind, and to the left and right the arrows thunked."

Vital Stats

Author: Robin D. Laws
Editors: John Nephew and Michelle Nephew
MSRP: $25.00 (print, limited stock), $5.95 (PDF)
Atlas Stock #: AG2701
Barcode: 1-88780188-X
Format: 244 pages, 6.25” x 9.25”, case bound
Release Date: 2000