Penumbra & Coriolis Errata 

Three Days to Kill
  • The "Typical Assault Squad Fighter," which is called a 0-Level Fighter, should actually be called a 1st-Level Warrior. Its correct hit die is 1d8 and speed is 30 feet.
  • In case it isn't obvious, consider the Wicker Man to be a Medium Outsider, the Black Dog to be a Medium Outsider, the Leprous Strider to be a Large Outsider, and the Six Young Orcs to be Medium Humanoids.

Thieves in the Forest

  • Kravik Harstall isn't quite THAT smart - his 22 Int should actually be 12
  • Kravik's damage should read: shortsword 1d6+2, dagger 1d4+2, slingstones 1d3
  • (pg. 19) Poison Needle Trap Box - The effect of the trap should be read as lasting "3d4 x 10 minutes."

In the Belly of the Beast

  • (pg. 14) In the combat table, Ironcrow line - the throwing axe should be +3 ranged, not +3 melee. A THROWING axe. Whoops.
  • (pg. 19) In the Blood Hatchet Orcs boxed text - The orcs' character classes are Warriors, not Fighters, and thus the Hit Dice in the book are correct.
  • (pg. 23) Terret's thugs' boxed text - It should read "Hit Dice: 1d8 (5 hp)" instead of what it is. No, I won't tell what it is now. Look in your book.

Touched by the Gods

  • The Sons of the Earth raiding party (pg. 94) should have a Weapon Focus (heavy crossbow) rather than a "crossbow" one.

En Route

Oh, we're bad bad people. The playtesters for En Route weren't included in the book. They are:

Russ Alexander, Bob Baines, Anthony Botz, Philippe Boulle, Marie-Noelle Choicoine, Yuri Choicoine, Eric Huckabay, Poppy Jade, John Lammers, Mike Mearls, Colin Martin, Lee Martin, Joseph Mashuga, Mike "Slaughterhouse" Tinney, and Fred Yelk. Great job and thanks a bunch ya'll!

Sounds like a great bunch of names of a football team, doesn't it? "Russ Alexander at QB, Botz at HB, Baines at fullback. Choicoine and Jade line up at wideout, Huckabay at TE. Offensive line of Lammers, Mearls, Martin, and Mashuga; Yelk is the center. Yeah. By the way, I hope the reference to "Slaughterhouse" is after the book and not some sort of personal goal.

The Last Dance

  • (pg. 7) There's a Perform check that's not shaded as open text. Please gently press over this passage of text with a No. 2 pencil. Just kidding. Kinda.

The Manavore - also known as the "Whoops!avore"

  • It has the wrong hit dice -- it should be 4d8+8, not 8d8+8.
  • The attack bonus was lost on the Attacks line. It reads "Unbinding" instead of the correct "+6 melee".
  • On the damage entry for the manavore, it should include the "Unbinding" ability.
  • The manavore only has a Speed of 30 ft. flying (perfect); it should be Speed: 30 ft., fly 30 ft. (perfect).
  • It should have a Face/Reach of 5 ft. x 5 ft/5 ft.

A PDF copy of the corrected manavore statistics is available here.

Seven Strongholds

  • (pg. 99, 103) The Psittae Racial Traits should have the Favored Class as "Fighter," not "Barbarian." The Typical Perch Raider should thus be a "3rd-Level Psitta Fighter." A corrected stat block for the Typical Perch Raider is available for download.

Burning Shaolin

  • (p. 20) The Demon Monks are incorrectly listed as LG, when they should be LE.
  • The adventure is written for adventurers that are levels 7 to 9, not 6 to 8 as indicated on the back cover.

Unhallowed Halls

  • This adventure is printed with two recommended levels (4th - 6th and 6th - 8th). Suffice to say, the adventure is suitable for characters around 6th level. Note that encounters may be more or less dangerous depending on how they are approached.

Dynasties & Demagogues

"Eloquent Argument" is on the Political Maneuvers chart, but it got deleted out of the actual list of Maneuvers. "Reality Check" got deleted out of the maneuver chart, but left in the list of maneuvers.

Drop Reality check. The Eloquent Argument maneuver is:

Eloquent Argument
You present the facts clearly, thoughtfully, and forcefully.
Skill Used: Perform (oratory)
Damage Bonus: +15
Length: Half Action
Special: None

Splintered Peace

The map for Marchion is inconsistent when compared to the text of the sourcebook. The following modifications should be considered:

  1. Shipman's Supplies should be on the south bank of the river.
  2. The river flows west, out of the mountains. The map, in which the Upper Bridge is in the west, has it flowing east, into the mountains.
  3. There is supposed to be an area of the Shambles to the west of Tree Town. There is no such area on the map.
  4. The gazetteer states that the arcane spellcasters moved out of the old city, to the northeast of the river, which is now mostly lower class. Tree Town has several arcane spellcasters in it (being full of elves), and is now in the old city, which has most of the city's middle class population.
  5. Sigird's Armory should be near the Docklands. It isn't, on the map, because Tree Town and The Shambles are in the way.
  6. There should be gates in the city walls.
  7. Belavin's plan for the humans involves gathering in the Shambles, and then heading for the Market Ward and Stonewall. On the map, they have to walk through the Docklands to the Middle Bridge to get over the river, assuming the lower bridge is raised as usual. (See the Marchion Map enhancement here for the modified layout of the city.)
  8. The Dwarves in Belavin's plan believe that Stonewall is safe from the fire in Tree Town "because it is largely stone." On the map, it is also on the other side of the river.
  9. The treacherous half-orcs live in Docklands, near the city wall. Docklands doesn't get near the city wall on the map.

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