Realms of Power: Magic

An Ars Magica sourcebook

Realms of Power: Magic at a Glance

  • Dive into the Magic realm of power with this Ars Magica sourcebook.
  • Use the tools provided by this book to add Magic creatures and characters to your games as PCs or antagonists.
  • Arm your magi with the secrets of vis, magic auras, and the realm of Magic itself.

About Realms of Power: Magic

Magic lies at the center of Hermetic power, but it does not discriminate. It is familiar yet alien, powerful yet subtle, a power that humans must study extensively in order to wield. Yet, there are creatures born of magic such as elementals, dragons, and spirits, creatures with magic running through their veins like blood. 

Some places exude magic, or draw it in. Such creatures and places are drawn to magi — or vice versa. Learn more about them in this extensive Ars Magica sourcebook.

In its pages, you will find mechanics to help you create magical creatures and beings to populate your games. The extensive, versatile mechanics can be combined into a variety of creatures from the smallest magical mouse to a city-devouring dragon. 

Drop one of the many example creatures into your book, or build your own. But beyond the creature mechanics, Realms of Power: Magic also provides deeper information about the types of vis, auras, and the realm of Magic to help fuel player character ideas and story.

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  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Magic Auras
  • Chapter 3: The Magic Realm
  • Chapter 4: Magic Characters
  • Chapter 5: Magic Animals
  • Chapter 6: Magic Humans
  • Chapter 7: Magic Spirits
  • Chapter 8: Magic Things
  • Appendix: Book of Mundane Beasts

Vital Stats

Authors: Erik Dahl, Timothy Ferguson, Andrew Gronosky, Richard Love, John Post, Mark Shirley, Andrew Smith, and Sheila Thomas
Editor: David Chart
Artists: Grey Thornberry, Kelley Hensing, Bradley McDevitt, Jeff Menges, Robert Scott, J. Scott Reeves
MSRP: $29.95 hardcover & softcover
Atlas Stock #: AG0288 hardcover/AG0298SC softcover
Barcode: 978-1-58978-102-3 hardcover / 978-1-58978-171-9 softcover
Format: 144 pages, hardcover & softcover
Release Date: July 2008