Through the Aegis

An Ars Magica sourcebook

Though the Aegis at a Glance

  • Easily introduce new covenants — friendly or otherwise — into your game with this Ars Magica supplement.
  • Provides full details on five covenants, each in a different Tribunal. Perfect for times when you need inspiration for friends, enemies, or witnesses in the Hermetic Order.
  • Use these fully detailed covenants as provided, or take your favorite resources and residents from each to create your own.

About Through the Aegis

In many ways, the covenant is the heart of a magi's life. It is home and laboratory, library and meeting place. The resources available can make or break magical study. Fellow magi can make the covenant feel like home…or a prison. Given their importance, fully fleshed out covenants are at the center of a good Ars Magica saga. Easily add them to your stories with this supplement.

Inside, you'll find five unique covenants, each located in a different Tribunal. Build a saga around travel to each covenant, using the story ideas within this book, or drop them into your current story to fill in holes as necessary. Each covenant includes resources, descriptions, and residents.

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  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: The Northern Seas
  • Chapter 3: Jardin: A Summer Covenant
  • Chapter 4: The Oracles of Didyma
  • Chapter 5: The Covenant of Longmist
  • Chapter 6: Collem Leonis

Vital Stats

Authors: Christian Rosenkjaer Andersen, Mark Lawford, Richard Love, and Christian Jensen Romer
Editor: David Chart
Artists: Christian St. Pierre, Matt Ryan, Brett Barkley, Jason Cole, Jenna Fowler, Jethro Lentle, J. Scott Reeves
MSRP: $32.95
Atlas Stock #: AG0311
Barcode: 978-1-58978-154-2
Format: 160 pages, hardcover
Release Date: March 2015