Over the Edge 20th Anniversary Edition

The roleplaying game of surreal danger

Over the Edge 20th Anniversary Edition at a Glance

  • Celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the game that changed the way RPGs are played with this Over the Edge anniversary edition.
  • Lucky gamers might get their paws on one of the 400 copies printed of this limited run collectors’ item.
  • High quality printing plus extras not found in any other Over the Edge products make this a must-have for devoted fans of the RPG.

What is the Over the Edge 20th Anniversary Edition?

This limited edition reprint of the second edition core book celebrated the 20th anniversary of Over the Edge. This edition featured:

  • A limited run: Only a handful of lucky gamers got their hands on one of these, with only 400 numbered copies signed by Jonathan Tweet on an attractive color bookplate.
  • Deluxe binding: The book was designed to look gorgeous on the shelf with its dark blue leatherette hardcover, gold foil stamped logo, and high-quality smythe sewing.
  • Premium interior: A new 16-page full-color introduction not seen in any other Over the Edge product leads into a reprint of the B&W second edition materials printed on premium coated paper stock.
  • Exclusive extras: The new introduction includes essays by Jonathan Tweet, Robin D. Laws, Greg Stolze, Keith Baker, and John Nephew as well as a two-page full-color map of Al Amarja and quotes from fans.

This limited run is out of print. However, the second edition material is available in PDF, and you can get more information about the current edition of Over the Edge here.


    Vital Stats

    Authors: Jonathan Tweet with Robin D. Laws
    MSRP: $75.00 (out of print)
    Atlas Stock #: AG2012
    Barcode: 978-1-58978-127-6
    Format: 256 pages, leatherette hardcover
    Release Date: August 2012