Over the Edge Legacy Product Line

The Roleplaying Game of Surreal Danger

Over the Edge Legacy at a Glance

  • Take a walk through Al Amarja history with this collection of legacy Over the Edge products. Complete your collection or replay one of your old favorites!
  • The strange and sinister setting of Al Amarja will melt your mind. It’s a sandbox full of ideas, locations, and characters to inspire stories full of creepy danger.
  • A full and vibrant line of core books and supplements provides plenty of material to draw from to build your weird little world.

Where Weird is Normal: The World of Over the Edge Legacy

Visit the mysterious Mediterranean island of Al Amarja, where nothing is as it seems. Anything goes on this island paradise where secret agents rub elbows with drooling psychopaths and cultists fight baboons using devices straight out of the pages of a weird science catalog. Get caught up in the latest conspiracies, unless you happen to be behind them.

Over the Edge takes an innovative approach to game mechanics with an open game setting, free-form character generation, and elegant mechanics that put the emphasis on story and character. Use the extensive background material found in the core books or supplements, or find your own inspiration. Al Amarja is always evolving. Define your characters the way you want to. Tell your own stories; the rules are here to help, not hinder.

Since its publication in 1992, this roleplaying game of surreal danger has become a cult classic. Find all of the legacy products collected here in PDF to complete your collection, revisit old favorites, or fuel your ideas for new directions to take the game.

Behind the Scenes: The Over the Edge Legacy Product Line

  • Core Editions
  • Sourcebooks
  • Scenarios
    • Forgotten Lives: Six adventures that illuminate the dark corners of Al Amarja.
    • The Myth of Self: Four adventures that explore the concept of selfhood.
    • New Faces: An intriguing mini-adventure to get you started.
    • Airwaves: An open-ended scenario about a new television station.
    • House Call: An unsettling adventure resource that you can intertwine with your existing plot.
    • Unauthorized Broadcast: A psychic drug goes amok in this compelling scenario by Robin D. Laws.
    • It Waits…: Add some new locations, creatures, and “interest groups” to your games with this adventure about the things that await you in the corners of Al Amarja.
    • Welcome to Sylvan Pines: Take a peek inside the local psychiatric facility in this tense scenario.
    • With a Long Spoon: An adventure for mature audiences.
  • WaRPedAdventures
    • Try out the system with one of these free OGL scenarios that use the same system as Over the Edge!
    • Invasion: A sci-fi tinged tale about energy beings fighting an alien interloper.
    • Infection: The end might be here in this story about immigration watchdogs fighting an unknown threat.
    • Collision: Play amnesiac victims searching for answers in this conspiracy-laden story. 

The Wanton Role-Playing (WaRP) System

The rules system for the Over the Edge 2nd Edition RPG has been released under the Open Game License. Its official name is the WaRP System (Wanton Role-Playing System), and a new WaRP logo has been released along with it under the OGL (without a special trademark license). The WaRP System Reference Document (SRD) contains the basic rules system used in Over the Edge, but not the game's unique setting. (Interested parties may contact Atlas Games about licensing the setting separately.)

(version 1.0)

The release of the WaRP System was just part of our year-long celebration of Over the Edge's 20th anniversary, which also included the release of the limited edition deluxe 2nd Edition core book. Enjoy!