Warped Adventures: Collision

The Wanton Role-Playing (WaRP) System

Collision at a Glance

  • A  gripping new scenario for the free-to-play WaRP system or Over the Edge.
  • Play amnesiac abduction victims searching for answers in this conspiracy-laden story.
  • Looking to add material to your current campaign? This adventure can be adapted to another location.

Unknown Past: More about Collision

Collision is a WaRPed Adventure, a short OGL scenario built to be played with the free WaRP system or the Over the Edge RPG. This series offers a variety of locations and genres to suit your table.

In this adventure, the characters awaken in a locked room with injection marks on their arms and no memory of how they got there. Together, they'll set off on an adventure full of fringe science, fruitless revenge, and fateful interactions as they try to figure out what's going on.

This sourcebook is available in PDF only.

Collision: Contents

  • A map of Al Amarja.
  • A full plot summary with location descriptions and options to expand the session as desired.
  • Full stats and descriptions for enemies and bystanders.
  • Five player characters.

Vital Stats

Author: W. Tracy Atkinson
MSRP: $5.00
Atlas Stock #: AG2107
Barcode: None
Format: 33-page PDF, including 5 pregenerated characters
Release Date: January 2014