Warped Adventures: Infection

The Wanton Role-Playing (WaRP) System

Infection at a Glance

  • A ready-to-play scenario for the free downloadable WaRP system. Fill in a gap in your gaming schedule and try out something new!
  • Play immigration watchdogs fighting an unknown threat to their town in this twisty plot.
  • Uses the same simple dice pool system as popular RPG Over the Edge.

Unknown Assailants: More about Infection

WaRPed Adventures is a series of short OGL scenarios. Use them as an introduction to the free-to-download WaRP system or as a no-prep filler game. With a variety of places, times, and genres available in the series, you're sure to find something to suit your preferences.

In this adventure, members of an immigration watchdog group in Arizona return from a routine patrol to find that something horrific has crossed the border. It isn't friendly. They must fight off the threat — whatever it is — before the government intervenes, to the detriment of everyone in town.

This sourcebook is available in PDF only.

Infection: Contents

  • A rough schedule of events.
  • Full information about the threat and how to combat it.
  • Locations, inhabitants, and map resources for the real world town of Ajo.
  • Five player characters.

Vital Stats

Author: Roger Burton West
MSRP: $1.99
Atlas Stock #: AG2106
Barcode: None
Format: 17-page PDF, including 5 pregenerated characters
Release Date: July 2013