Over the Edge product line

On the Edge Product Line

The Psychosurreal Trading Card Game

On the Edge Games at a Glance

  • Pull the strings to reach your secretive goals against the strange backdrop of Al Amarja.
  • A collectible card game (CCG) with over 600 unique cards, set in the same backstabbing, strange world as the Over the Edge RPG.
  • Get started with minimal investment with a starter pack or add more variety to your games with expansions.

Unseen Manipulators: More About On the Edge

Conspiracies. Cults. Weird science gear. Hidden agendas. And a puppetmaster pulling the strings…

Welcome to Al Amarja. This Mediterranean paradise is the weirdest place in the world. You work behind the scenes: directing pawns who will never know your name, expanding your power base, and leveraging your influence to reach your goals.

But there are others like you, and only one can reign supreme.

On the Edge is a CCG set in the same world as the Over the Edge RPG.

Walking the Edge: The On the Edge Product Line

  • Standard Version Starter Decks and Boosters: Needed to play. 270 cards total.
  • The Cut-Ups Project Expansion: 90 cards.
  • Shadows Expansion: 117 cards.
  • Arcana Expansion: 157 cards.
  • Burger Box Sample Pack: A selection of starter decks and boosters.
  • Surviving on the Edge: A guide to the game.


  • 1995 GAMES Magazine’s Games 100 List – Best New Collectible Card Game.
  • 1995 Overstreet’s Fan – Best Trading Card Game.