Dynasties & Demagogues

Everybody wants to rule the world.

Dynasties & Demagogues at a Glance

  • Add political intrigue to your favorite fantasy roleplaying game with this OGL supplement. Betrayal! Spies! Coups!
  • Easy-to-use rules for conducting debates, council votes, elections, and tournaments.
  • Includes spells, feats, magic items, prestige classes, political settings, and more. Tons of story seeds, mechanical help, and pregenerated resources to drop into your games.
  • Use the sample adventures provided or create your own using easy-to-follow blueprints that make these complex plots easy to run.

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Political Machinations: More about Dynasties & Demagogues

Dynasties & Demagogues is a handbook for political plot in your 3rd Edition game. Use the material within to plot a new political adventure for your favorite d20 system, or introduce some scheming to your existing game.

Inside, you'll find plenty of political ammunition for your games, including:

  • 17 new spells like absorb information, which transfers written information directly from a book to your mind.
  • 15 new magic items like the fly on the wall surveillance device.
  • 20 general feats like Commanding Voice, Inspire Frenzy, and Information Network.
  • 9 prestige classes featuring political leaders and supporters.

The book includes details on maneuvering within eight distinct political settings, from anarchy to empire. Blueprints for political adventure and campaign construction, one complete adventure, five developed adventure premises, and three political campaign outlines make it easy to launch your new campaign and build your own political plots.

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Dynasties & Demagogues: Contents

This sourcebook includes the following chapters:

  • Introduction: What Are Political Campaigns?
  • Chapter 1: Political Settings
  • Chapter 2: Fantasy Races
  • Chapter 3: The Magic of Politics
  • Chapter 4: Characters and Politics
  • Chapter 5: Political Maneuvers
  • Chapter 6: Adventures in Politics
  • Chapter 7: Political Campaigns
  • Appendix I: Governments and Titles
  • Appendix II: Bibliography
  • Appendix III: Index of d20 Material

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  • 2003 ENnie Award Gold Winner – Best Rules Supplement.
  • 2003 OgreCave's Christmas Gift Guide.
  • 2003 Out of the Box Award Honorable Mention – Best Supplement.

Vital Stats

Author: Chris Aylott
Editor: Michelle Nephew
Cover Artist: Scott Reeves
Interior Artist: Chad Sergesketter
MSRP: $29.95 (out of print), $14.95 (PDF)
Atlas Stock #: AG3220
Barcode: 1-58978-033-7
Format: 160 pages, hardcover and PDF
Release Date: March 2003