Last Hero in Scandinavia

Last Hero in Scandinavia at a Glance

  • A full crossover campaign for Rune or OGL game of your choice. Bring the familiar fast-paced action of the video game to your table!
  • This campaign book contains system info for Rune and conversion info for d20 games. Perfect for days when you're looking to try something new.
  • Bring over 20 hours of bone-crushing fun to your gaming table without putting in massive amounts of preparation.

Bloody Vengeance: More about Last Hero in Scandinavia

The Rune RPG is based on the popular video game in which Viking warriors smash and bash their way to glory and honor. Give Rune a try or port the setting over to your favorite OGL game with this complete campaign.

In Last Hero in Scandinavia, your Chieftain's backstabbing brother has literally stabbed him in the back. Now ghosts and vandals roam the land. It's up to your Horde to stand against the forces of darkness and get vengeance for your beloved Chieftain.


Last Hero in Scandinavia contains a complete campaign with encounters, settings, and NPCs. The scenario also includes new foes like the undead bone tree and rules for creating your own boss monsters.

The basic Rune RPG rules are also included as well as combat and conversion rules for OGL games. Or put a new twist on your Rune gaming with single-GM rules for saga play.

This supplement is no longer in print and has a limited number of copies available.

Vital Stats

Author: Chris Aylott
Editor: Michelle Nephew
Interior Artists: Scott Reeves, Chad Sergesketter
MSRP: $19.95
Atlas Stock #: AG3403
Barcode: 1-58978-036-1
Format: 112 pages, 8.5” x 11”, perfect bound
Release Date: 2003