Coriolis products stand at the intersection of the Open Game License and our other roleplaying game titles. Each is a dual-system adventure that use both the SRD rules, and the rules of one of our other game lines so that you can sample our other games without worrying about unfamiliar systems. If you're a long-time fan of our other game lines, these cross-over titles will give you an idea how to bring elements from Unknown Armies, Rune, Ars Magica, or Feng Shui into into your OGL game.

Each of our Coriolis products is a stand-alone product. Every book is all-new, so there's something for new readers and faithful readers alike. All the game mechanics and "crunchy bits" are expressed using both the SRD rules and the rules native to another Atlas Games line.What Coriolis is not is conversion rules to adapt other game systems into the SRD rules. In many cases, the rules of a particular game system aren't translatable into the OGL lexicon -- that's why the game designers worked so hard to develop their own rules in the first place, after all. The parallel rules sets found in Coriolis avoid the complications that would inevitably break conversion rules. However, where possible we do try to recreate the flavor of the non-OGL game in Coriolis.

Think of these books as short trips into other game worlds. Each one tells a compelling tale that could serve as a short side adventure or be adapted into your current fantasy campaign with a minimum of effort.

Coriolis titles teach by example. By following the lead set in them, you'll be ready to adapt material from any Atlas roleplaying game to work with the SRD rules, and you'll understand how those books can enrich your OGL adventures.

If you've ever been curious about our other roleplaying games, try out a Coriolis book!