We'll Temporarily Have Paris

The cherry blossoms are in bloom. Time to punch some Nazis in the face!

We'll Temporarily Have Paris at a Glance

  • A 40-page Feng Shui pop-up juncture.
  • Hop back in time to Paris, 1944, at the height of World War II.
  • New archetypes, guns, planes, and tanks for your heroes to blow stuff up with!

About We'll Temporarily Have Paris

Paris, May 1944. The cherry blossoms are in bloom. Time to punch some Nazis in the face!

J-meters everywhere are going wild. A pop-up juncture has appeared and every portal leads to the same time: Paris at the height of World War II! It’s only months before the city’s liberation from the German occupation, but that will never happen if the Jammers have their way and change the course of history!

We’ll Temporarily Have Paris features not only the ready-to-play adventure "Art, Apes, and Arson," but a full toolbox for running your own adventures during the darkest hours of the City of Lights.

  • A guide to wartime Paris, including location scouting for fantastic fight scenes!
  • Four new archetypes for exciting, wartime heroes!
  • Guns, planes, and tanks to blow stuff up with!
  • Lots of Nazis to punch!

Long after your heroes leave Paris, they’ll carry with them the legacy of those lost spring days!

Feng Shui We'll Temporarily Have Paris Nazi Checkpoint


  • A World at War, a City Alive With Possibilities
  • Occupied Paris, 1944
  • The Wartime Lifestyle
  • Two Resistance Efforts: French Resistance & Communist Resistance
  • Fighting In and Around the City
  • Living with (and Subverting) Nazis
  • Getting Into Trouble
  • Nazis to Punch
  • New Guns You Might Find in Occupied France
  • Planes That May be Lying Around at Various Airfields
  • Tanks You Might Steal and Run Over Nazis With
  • Paris Adventure: Art, Apes, and Arson


  • Escaping Captivity
  • Mid-Air Melee
  • A Kidnap Attempt
  • Checkpoint Clash
  • Simian Ambush
  • Frontal Assault
  • Top Floor Shootout

Vital Stats

Author: Paul Dean
Artists: Kevin Sidharta, Ari Ibarra
Producer: Justin Alexander
MSRP: 15.95
Atlas Stock #: AG4028
Barcode: 9781589782006
Format: 40-page Adventure Book
Release Date: December 2021