Unknown Armies 2nd Edition

A Roleplaying Game of Power and Consequences

Ages: 18+

Unknown Armies Second Edition at a Glance

  • A legacy edition of this groundbreaking RPG of modern occult intrigue; this core book contains everything you need to play.
  • Face bizarre supernatural forces in a struggle to shape the next incarnation of reality.
  • Campaign levels measure your characters’ involvement with the occult underworld. Keep it simple for newbies with a street level campaign or dive deep with a cosmic one.

What is Unknown Armies Second Edition?

In this RPG of mature occult horror, the occult isn’t just fun and games. It’s all too real. Power players behind the scenes fight to ascend to a higher plane, where they’ll help create the next incarnation of reality. It’s not a pretty fight. Warring cults, mind-bending magic, unspeakable monsters…

Your characters are smack in the middle of it. Second edition remixes the game based on campaign levels, which determine how involved your characters are with the magickal world.

At street level, you’re outsiders. In global level games, you’ve got some mojo of your own. And in a cosmic level game? Well, saying that the universe is at stake isn’t an over-exaggeration for once.

What will you risk to change the world?

Let Me Blow Your Mind: Gameplay Basics

Unknown Armies is a game for mature players. This volume contains all of the mechanics for character generation, dealing with mental trauma, and growth. Complete rules for combat and magick are also included.

The second edition made significant changes in comparison to first edition. This book includes:

  • Expanded resources for GMs and new players.
  • New character options, including Trigger Events, Paradigm Skills, and scaled power levels.
  • Adjusted rules, including a new initiative system, Fuzzy Logic skill checks, player-directed combat-modifiers, amped-up martial arts rules, a new experience system, and more.
  • More magickal options for non-adepts such as Authentic Thaumaturgy, new rituals and artifacts, and revised versions of Proxy Magic and Tilts.
  • Twelve schools of magick (up from seven in first edition).
  • Fourteen avatars (up from eight in first edition).

The second edition of Unknown Armies is currently out of print, but it is available in PDF.

For more information on the current edition of Unknown Armies, click here.

Vital Stats

Authors: Greg Stolze, John Tynes
Cover Artist: Samuel Araya
MSRP: $39.95 (hardcover, out of print), $19.95 (PDF)
Atlas Stock #: AG6020
Barcode: 1-58978-013-2
Format: 336 pages, 8.5” x 11”, case bound
Release Date: 2002