Unknown Armies Legacy Games at a Glance

  • A roleplaying game of transcendental horror and furious action. Take your front-row seats for the death match of all eternity!
  • The first and second legacy editions—and their extensive supplement lines—are available electronically. Or check out the current edition here.
  • Provides a tense, fun-as-hell, mature roleplay experience for gamers looking for apocalyptic gameplay.
…A fast and elegant system that…has been heralded by some as the best mechanics for simulating madness and the relevance of character motivations in a role-playing game. - Robert Calder, review, RPG.net

Pulp Fiction Meets Hellraiser: The World of Unknown Armies Legacy

Picture the world we live in, only with a little-known occult underbelly. Here, the movers and shakers fight a battle for the ultimate prize: ascension to a higher plane and a hand in creating the next incarnation of reality.

Your characters are caught in the middle of this power struggle. But how? Are they frightened mortals, terrified by powers that they vaguely sense but don’t understand? Are they dabblers just beginning to see how deep the rabbit hole goes? Are they just experienced enough in the magickal landscape to have become jaded yet?

Encounter gun-toting enforcers and magickal adepts, clockwork humans and plodding golems. Duke it out with the Sect of the Naked Goddess or the True Order of Saint-Germain…or join their ranks. Trust no one. Not even yourself.

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