Dork 20 box

Dork 20

A Roleplaying Accessory

Dork20 at a Glance

  • A Dork Tower-themed RPG accessory. Keep your players guessing! Trade them with your friends! Paper your walls with their beauty!
  • Use the cards in your d20 games to bring excitement, new rules, and Dork Tower ridiculousness to your table.
  • Features art by award-winning cartoonist and all around funny guy John Kovalic.

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Perfidious Beasts Everywhere: The World of Dork20

Take your d20 games to a new (and probably silly) level with the Dork20 accessory! Bring the sensibilities of the platinum-level-popular Dork Tower comic to your table.

Each card features a Dork Tower-themed title and gameplay effect. Don't you want an Eye of the Beholder? Literally? Of course you do.

Dork20 is currently out of print.

Missed My Vital Spots: Gameplay Basics

At the beginning of a session of your favorite d20 game, give each player a hand of four cards. They can use these cards on any PC, NPC, monster, or other game element.

To make matters even more ludicrous, give the GM a hand too!

The cards allow nigh-impossible things to happen, with witty commentary to boot. Turn that turbonium dragon into your turbonium bee-atch with Dork20.



  • 2004 ENnie Award Nominee – Best Aid or Accessory.
  • 2004 ENnie Award Honorable Mention – Best Licensed Product.
  • 2003 OgreCave's Christmas Gift Guide.

Vital Stats

Artist: John Kovalic
Editor: Michelle Nephew
Original Concept: Noah Sax
MSRP: $12.95 (out of print)
Atlas Stock #: AG3227
Barcode: 1-58978-046-9
Format: 56 cards and a rules sheet in a tuckbox
Release Date: November 2003