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Dungeoneer Product Line

A modular dungeon crawler of epic fantasy adventure

Dungeoneer Games at a Glance

  • A series of standalone card games that give the dungeon-crawling RPG experience without the prep.
  • Pick from a stalwart band of heroes and set off on a sword-and-sorcery adventure.
  • Random maps make each game unique and replayable. Mix and match between sets to create new adventures and possibilities.

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Your Quest Awaits: The World of Dungeoneer

Step into a fantasy world where heroes stand up against the forces of darkness. Explore dank dungeons, navigate desert expanses, and brave the icy tundra. Plunder treasure chests for powerful items, but watch out for traps!

Each Dungeoneer game brings new enemies and monsters to slay, equipment to loot, and quests to undertake. Ready your mighty heroes for fame and fortune in Dungeoneer!

Heroes Wanted: Dungeoneer Basics

Looking for something new in a dungeon-crawl? Dungeoneer is a card-based game in which the maps are randomly generated, resulting in a new puzzle to solve every time you play. Pick a hero and set off on your quest for glory.

Experienced Dungeoneer players looking to ramp up the action can check out the epic and legendary sets. These games offer more difficult monsters for more experienced adventurers. Pick your favorite character to advance or use one of the characters provided with the set and ready yourself for a challenge!