Ten Dollars for Ten Days: Seismic, Recess & Grand Tribunal Promotion!

Published by: Atlas Staff
We need some space in the warehouse, and these three games need more exposure! For the next ten days, Atlas Games is offering an amazing bargain: You can have three of our board games -- Seismic, Recess, and Grand Tribunal -- for only $10 plus shipping/handling. That's $10 total for all three, a $79.85 retail value!

The shipping/handling charge is $11 to US destinations, $28 to Canada or Mexico, and $46 anywhere else that we can ship to via the Postal Service.  (For our international fans, remember that Seismic and Recess both include rules in English, Spanish, French and German.)

Why the crazy deal? Like I said, we need to free up warehouse space, and it seems like the best way to get it would be to move a bunch of these games directly from our warehouse into some gamer hands. We also hope that some folks trying these games and liking them will lead to more sales (at full price) from more customers in the future.

You can use this button to order and pay through PayPal:

Shipping Destination

Hurry!  This offer ends Monday, October 10th.