Black Death

Death comes to us in many horrible forms …

Black Death at a Glance

  • Make storytelling simple with this dramatic and fascinating adventure for Ars Magica third edition.
  • A captivating story about the fall of a covenant tells a tale unique to Ars Magica and Mythic Europe.
  • The covenant has fallen to the Black Death, but something else sinister is at work. Can the characters survive?

A Most Fearsome Foe: More about Black Death

What happens when a covenant falls? Find out in this dramatic adventure for Ars Magica third edition.

The covenant of Ad Vis Per Veritas and the neighboring town of Montrouge have fallen to the black death. Can your characters preserve the rich source of vis from the covenant? To do so, they must risk the plague…and an unseen diabolical power at work.

Black Death is out of print. It requires Ars Magica third edition to play.

Black Death: Contents

  • Introduction
  • Into the Ruins
  • Up from the Ashes
  • Castle Under Siege
  • Appendix: The Plague

Vital Stats

Authors: Thomas M. Kane
MSRP: $12.95 (softcover, out of print), $9.95 (PDF)
Atlas Stock #: AG0813
Barcode: 1-56504-013-9
Format: 112 pages, 8.5” x 11”, perfect bound
Release Date: 1991