Ars Magica Legacy Product Line

The roleplaying game of myth and magic

The award-winning first edition of Ars Magica set the benchmark for magic in fantasy roleplaying. It pioneered the storytelling style of roleplaying, and its setting, Mythic Europe, sparked the imaginations of fantasy fans and history enthusiasts alike. It won the Gamer's Choice Award for Best Fantasy Roleplaying Game of 1988.

Later versions of the game retained and improved upon Ars Magica's powerful and flexible magic system — widely regarded as the best rules for magic in all of gaming. Delve into the history of Ars Magica with these legacy editions of White Wolf and Lion Rampant-published early products. Much of the early material listed here remains compatible to some extent with the game's more recently released supplements. A depth of information on the history and magic of Mythic Europe await you!