The Order of Hermes

An Ars Magica sourcebook

"For long have we ignored these wizards, thinking them to be misguided spirits, but I have found them to be potent practitioners of the magical arts and to be feared… These magi have the peculiar belief that they are somehow above other folk, that they have loftier thoughts and ideals and have access to knowledge beyond mortal ken. They are arrogant, haughty, and have clearly forgotten our lord’s words about such vanities. I urge you most strenuously, Reverend Father, keep a watchful eye."

– Brother Reginald of Avignon
Year of Our Lord, 1182

Published by Lion Rampant in 1990, this is the sourcebook that defined and expanded the Order of Hermes in Ars Magica, describing a fantastic society of wizards. The mysteries of apprenticeship, the ambitions of potent magicians, their views of "lesser" non-magical society, and the long, hard path from apprentice to Arch-Mage all come to life within these pages.

This is a digitized (scanned and OCR'd) reissue of the first edition of The Order of Hermes for the second edition of Ars Magica.


  • A complete history of the Order
  • Detailed descriptions of all 13 houses
  • An expansive Hermetic Glossary
  • A copy of the entire Code of Hermes
  • List of description of all 13 Tribunals
  • Information on the clothing, greetings, and habits of the magi
  • Scores of ideas, leads, and clues for stories and adventures

Vital Stats

: Authors: Jonathan Tweet Stock Number: AG1020 | No ISBN | MSRP: $12.00 Format: 126 pages, 8.5” x 11”, PDF Release Date: January 2016 (original publication 1990)

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