Tales of the Dark Ages

An Ars Magica adventure anthology

Tales of the Dark Ages at a Glance

  • A digitized reissue of the first collection of adventures for Ars Magica second edition — and the first Atlas Games product.
  • Four intriguing and unique tales with a focus on story will provide hours of gaming fun.
  • Provides advice to adjust the game to a system of your preference such as your favorite edition of Ars Magica.

Anthology of Adventure: More about Tales of the Dark Ages

Take inspiration from this collection of adventures for Ars Magica second edition. Tales of the Dark Ages was the first adventure anthology for the RPG and the first product released under the Atlas Games label. With this reissue, fans can own this fun-filled and useful piece of Ars Magica history.

This collection features four fully detailed adventures with a focus on story. While they are written for Ars Magica, guidelines for porting the plots to another system of your choice are provided.

In Tongue of Vipers, the players must investigate a would-be-poisoner in the Lorraine region of France. In The Inheritance, the troupe attempts to restore an ancient Roman aqueduct, with opposition by ancient forces.

Free an imprisoned sorcerer and fight the nameless horror from the woods in Copse of Skulls. Or investigate the horribly mutilated body that floats downstream to your covenant in The Ghoul of St. Lazare.

This digitized (scanned and OCR’d) reissue of the first edition of Tales of the Dark Ages is out of print. It requires Ars Magica second edition to play.

Tales of the Dark Ages: Contents

  • Introduction
  • Tongue of Vipers by Thomas M. Kane
  • The Inheritance by James P. Buchanan
  • Copse of Skulls by Thomas M. Kane
  • The Ghoul of St. Lazare by John Nephew
  • About the Contributors
  • Glossary

Vital Stats

Authors: James P. Buchanan, Thomas M. Kane, John Nephew
MSRP: $7.95 (PDF)
Atlas Stock #: AG3010
Format: 64 pages, 8.5” x 11”, PDF
Release Date: January 2016 (original publication 1990)

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