Yukon Salon

Take your place at the frontier of style

Players: 2-4 Ages: 10+ Time: 10-15 minutes

Coming Soon!

Estimated release in early summer 2021.

Yukon Salon at a Glance

Bears have hair, lumberjacks have beards, and they both need your hairdressing help! Match each style in your repertoire to just the right client, making outrageous claims as necessary to keep them from walking out. Any style can become a hairdo or beard! Roll custom wooden dice to style your clients.

Yukon Salon 6 Card Fan


  • Yukon Salon Rules
  • 2 Custom Wood Dice
  • 54 Playing Cards
    • 18 Clients (9 Bears, 9 Lumberjacks)
    • 32 Styles
    • 4 Reference Cards

Yukon Salon Wooden Dice

Vital Stats

Designer: David Fooden
Illustrations: Robert Tritthardt with Felony Jones
Editing: Kyla McT
Producer: Jeff Tidball
MSRP: $14.95
Atlas Stock #: AG1440
ISBN: 9781589781900
Format: 54 poker-sized cards and two custom dice in a metal tin
Number of Players: 2-4
Ages: 10+
Play Time: 10-15 minutes
Release Date: Anticipated Early Summer 2021

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