Welcome to the Island

An Over the Edge adventure anthology

Coming Soon!

Estimated release Fall 2019.

Welcome to the Island at a Glance

  • The first adventure anthology for the third edition of Over the Edge
  • Features five original storylines by award-winning authors
  • All five scenarios include hooks for different character types — making it easy to bring the action to your campaign when and where it’s needed

OTE3 Welcome to the Island   A Conclave of Chikutorpls

What can I expect from Welcome to the Island?

The weirdest island in the world just got weirder! Welcome to the Island, an Al Amarjan adventure anthology, brings five new scenarios to the reimagined world of Over The Edge 3rd edition. With the help of Welcome to the Island, GMs can launch brand-new stories, add intriguing complications to existing arcs, and create one-shots that explode across the gaming table.

Every scenario can be used to either launch a campaign or slot seamlessly into any Over the Edge campaign. Each adventure is almost infinitely reusable, providing a springboard for hundreds of future campaigns.

Escape a labyrinthine airport. Take a road trip with an ominous twist. Explore the place you only think you remember in Welcome to the Island.

Vital Stats

Length: 144 pages
MSRP: $29.95
Atlas Stock #: AG2152
ISBN: 978-1-58978-197-9
Format: Black-and-white softcover
Release Date: October 15, 2019

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