Furry Pirates

Swashbuckling adventures in the furry age of piracy

Furry Pirates at a Glance

  • A complete swashbuckling roleplaying game. Set sail! Plunder! Dredge lost treasures up from the deep!
  • Puts a new twist on pirates with Furry Sapiens. Because even cute animals deserve to follow their dreams of piracy.
  • This core book provides all the rules you need to play. Hoist the sails and get playing quickly.

The Furry Age of Piracy: The World of Furry Pirates

Do you thirst for adventure? Do you wish you could seek fame and fortune with the wind in your fur? If so, set sail for your destiny in Furry Pirates!

Wealth, adventure, and romance await in the deep blue waters. Battle your enemies amidst the acrid cannon smoke. Explore the shorelines of the Caribbean and Darkest Africa. Your destiny awaits!

The Fur Will Fly: Gameplay Basics

In this swashbuckling RPG, you’ll play a Furry Sapiens. Detailed character creation rules allow you to play just about anything with fur and a few things without: bears, birds, dogs, rats, bats, cats, lions, hares, weasels, wolves, minks, lizards, squirrels, gazelles, horses, kangaroos, and more!

Engage in combat on the rocking deck of a ship deep at sea, or work with your crew to fire the cannons in ship-to-ship battles. Cast magical rituals. Find cursed treasures. Furry Pirates includes all of the mechanics necessary to hoist the anchor and leave port.

Vital Stats

Author: Lise Breakey
Game Designer: Bruce Thomas
Cover Artist: Terrie Smith
Interior Artists: Eric Hotz and Terrie Smith
MSRP: $29.95
Atlas Stock #: AG3100
Barcode: 978-1-887801-72-0
Format: 176 pages, 8.5” x 11”, perfect bound
Release Date: 1999