Penumbra Product Line

An Open Game License Series

Penumbra Games at a Glance

  • A series of modular fantasy resources for OGL games. Easily create epic worlds and stirring adventures!
  • Pick and choose the pieces that fit with your world. From dark and gritty fantasy to sweeping epics, Penumbra has something to offer every game.
  • Combine with your favorite d20 system to play. No need to learn something new in order to experience your desired setting.

A Fantasy Buffet: The World of Penumbra

Make creating your own fantasy worlds easier with the Penumbra line of products. Each supplement contains drop-in resources to ease your GM load.

Simply pick the elements that fit the story you want to tell. Penumbra includes locations, campaign styles, scenarios and more.

GM Resources: The Penumbra Product Line

  • Creature resources: The Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary
  • Magic systems: Occult Lore
  • Locations: Seven Civilizations, Seven Serpents, Seven Cities, Seven Strongholds, Sacred Ground, Sacred Ground II, Backdrops
  • Religions: Touched by the Gods
  • NPCs: Uncommon Character
  • Campaign styles: Dynasties & Demagogues, Crime & Punishment, Love & War
  • Scenarios: Splintered Peace, En Route, En Route II, En Route III, Unhallowed Halls, Lean and Hungry, The Ebon Mirror, Monte Cook's Beyond the Veil, The Last Dance, Maiden Voyage, Instrument of Destiny, The Tide of Years, In the Belly of the Beast, Thieves in the Forest, Three Days to Kill, Penumbra Classic Adventures Bundle

Also check out the Penumbra miniatures line from the fine folks at Armorcast.