Ars Magica 4th Edition Product Line

Welcome to Ars Magica, and to the world of Mythic Europe.

Ars Magica 4th Edition at a Glance

  • Explore the lives of a secret order of magi in medieval Europe with this highly detailed epic fantasy RPG.
  • A comprehensive core book and extensive line of supplements provide historical background, plot inspiration, and plenty of cool magic stuff.
  • The 4th edition was nominated for the 1996 Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Game, and the complete Ars Magica line has won many more awards.
  • As a legacy product line, most of the Ars Magica 4th edition products are out of print but available in digital format. For more information on the current edition, visit the Ars Magica 5th edition line.
An absolutely superb game system, both in background and magic system design. – Review by ShannonA 

Magical, Mythical Europe: The World of Ars Magica 4th Edition

Ars Magica is an RPG world of hidden magic. A world where the Hermetic Order of mages operates in secret, protecting ancient relics, fighting unimaginable monsters, and protecting normal mortals.

In this world, the gods imbue their followers with holy power, and iron keeps the faeries away. The superstitions of the common folk are truer than anyone realizes.

The unique troupe-style play of Ars Magica allows players to step into the shoes of multiple characters. Play a powerful magus learning to control the elements or the loyal retainers who risk their lives to protect their homes.

The 4th edition introduced a variety of mechanics, including spell guidelines, laboratory customization, mystery cults, and revised combat rules. Fifth edition, which is the most current, completely revised the combat rules, expanded the information about the houses of magic, and made extensive changes to the overall mechanics.

For more information about the 5th edition, visit its line page.

Tomes of Knowledge: The Ars Magica 4th Edition Product Line

The Ars Magica 4th edition product line is out of print and, with limited exceptions, only available in PDF. Supplements can be adjusted for use with the 5th edition system as needed.

  • The Core Books: Looking to try Ars Magica without a significant financial investment? The 4th edition core book, which contains everything you need to play the game, is available for free. Additional core books provide large-scale overviews of important Mythic Europe topics.
  • Tribunal Books: These detailed supplements profile important regions in Mythic Europe. Use them to generate settings and to generate plot seeds for locations your magi might visit.
  • Other Sourcebooks: Additional sourcebooks provide a variety of resources to assist in developing your sagas, including pre-developed locations, NPCs, and covenants.
  • Scenarios: These fully-developed scenarios provide all of the setting, plot elements, characters, and creatures you need to get playing immediately.